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The Glimpse in the Blossom of AC10

AC10 series inverter is a product developed on the latest technology platform of VEICHI. AC10 products are based on the market demand for miniaturization, high reliability and high cost performance. As a narrow-body inverter, the AC10 has many advantages such as easy installation, small size, low temperature rise, high protection, and powerful software performance.

The first move: 'accomplish a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers'

Small and compact (book narrow body design). The control cabinet design can be more compact and save customer space.

The installation method is varied and ingenious.

One: side by side installation

Two : side installation 

Three : guide slot installation

The second move: 'A hundred dust, and no dust.'

High protection (completely independent air duct, scientific internal layout of the machine, taking into account the heat dissipation of high-power devices and the dust-proof of sensitive devices).The air duct is isolated, and the heat generating device and the heat are introduced into the air duct after the treatment. Electronically sensitive devices prevent environmental pollution in relatively closed environments.

The third move: 'The world's machines are hot.'

High temperature resistance (ambient temperature 50° without derating). Scientific air duct design, fast heat dissipation, low temperature rise of the machine, no need to derate in high temperature environment.

The fourth move: 'On the line, but on the trough'

Network/Tibetan line design (group network expansion is convenient, it can be expanded directly through the network port connection. Just make a network cable connection. (The machine is designed on the side of the terminal, and the wire slot can be designed. The control harness can be guided to the wiring slot. The wiring is more beautiful.)

The fifth move: 'Golden Bell, Iron Cloth'. - Five stars defense level

Overcurrent suppression protection

The overcurrent suppression function is to automatically limit the overcurrent suppression point that does not exceed the set overcurrent suppression point during operation to prevent the fault from tripping caused by excessive current. For some loads with large inertia or severe changes, This feature is especially useful.

Overvoltage suppression protection

When the bus voltage reaches or exceeds the bus overvoltage suppression point during the running of the inverter, the inverter will automatically adjust to suppress the bus voltage rise, thus ensuring that the inverter does not cause overvoltage protection due to excessive bus voltage.

Wave-by-wave current limiting:

When the output current exceeds the current-limiting current limit of the wave-by-wave current limit, the current can be increased to a certain extent, so that the current does not exceed the protection value of the inverter, and the current is prevented from being stopped due to sudden load or current abnormality.

2018 Fresh Graduate Training - Starting Plan Training Camp

Recently, the Human Resources Department and the expansion company held the 2018 session of the student development activity-starting plan training camp in Kunshan National Defense Park. This event is not only to increase the team's cohesiveness and combat effectiveness, but also to stimulate the students to break through the self, clench their teeth, uphold the difficulties, persist in the end, never give up. The 2018 freshmen are a group of young and vigorous young meat. I believe that through this expansion, the big guys can feel the company's intentions, and in the future work, they will be able to grow up and become a leader. Injecting unlimited possibilities for the company's development, working together in the same boat.

Although the weather is hot, it does not affect the students' determination to complete the team's tasks and goals. Let's review and share this magical training experience full of hardships, sweat and laughter. Together to witness the show, the name of the domineering team£º

The Rainbow comes after the storm. The two-day expansion consists of a number of activity projects. Each activity project is not a simple physical exercise. After the project is over, the coach carefully and patiently interprets the meaning behind it.

Tires that have been worn together:

The power of people is great, and this is the power of unity:  

 'Death' crawling together: 

I hope that all of you can bring the two-day training experience to your future work and study, be brave, take your time, and firmly believe in the strength of the team. On the way forward, remember our demon spell: stick to the end and never give up.

Applications of VEICHI AC200L Series Frequency Inverters on Wire Drawing Machine


The wire drawing machine is important equipment for metal wire production and mainly for drawing the metal wire into various specifications of the filament. It means that the electrical control of wire drawing machine demands high standards. The frequency Inverter is the main part of the electrical control system, particularly the precision of tension control directly affects the quality and output of the product. VEICHI AC200L series wire drawing machine special frequency inverter by its outstanding performance has won the recognition and praise from the enterprises of wire and cable and the manufacturers of welding wire.

Technological requirement

  1. The former and the latter have the PI calculation function (including the Bobbin take-up machine). It ensures that there is a good tension in threading and no single point to adjust.
  2. The phenomenon that the perturbation at a certain point causes cascaded transmission to oscillate the entire system has been solved in a unique way. Whatever low speed or high speed, the swing arms are maintained in a fairly stable state. 
  3. All parameters of the frequency inverter are set on the touch screen by RS485 communication mode, debugging is extremely convenient. 
  4. You can set the automatic shutdown according to the weight or length of the material. 
  5. The Mode conversion, monitoring parameters and alarm history record of frequency inverter are carried out and monitored on the HMI.
  6. The line will not disconnected under high-speed emergency stop.

VEICHI Solutions

  1. Integrated roll diameter coefficient automatic calculation function by the frequency inverter and the integration control of functions and drive makes the system respond faster, and can calculate the current roll diameter dynamically in real time to achieve the best constant tension effect.

  2. Integrated unique tension taper control algorithm by the frequency inverter can adjust the tension control according to different materials to achieve better results.

  3. Superior speed tension control function of AC200L can adjust the speed output in real time according to the tension change on the material so as to ensure a good tension on the material.


VEICHI AC200L series wire drawing machine special frequency inverter makes the customer's wire drawing equipment operate stably and reliably with the great performance and saves the production cost and the time greatly; therefore, we obtain very high praise from the customers. There are three advantages as following:
  1. The unique roll diameter calculation function of AC200L can effectively prevent wire breakage from occurring and make the equipment to operate stably and reliably for a long time.

  2. AC200L special frequency inverter can avoid the problem that the wire drawing machine is difficult to start with the load with the superior torque control function and high-speed response.

  3. There are a great results and high praise from customers because of the unique tension control algorithm of AC200L that is specifically greatly better than other products and achieves perfect application.

Application of AC300 General Frequency Inverter on Power-Discharging Rack


The wire and cable industry is currently moving toward higher technological levels such as product diversification, automation, etc. The power-discharging rack is very common in the wire and cable industry and it can be divided into vertical stand-off rack and horizontal stand-off rack according to the style. The racks are all line-out devices, but they are different in structure. In the line-out process, the frequency inverter has become an indispensable device which can control the speed of the motor to achieve the line speed, thus improving the production efficiency of the process and ensuring process quality so as to maximize profit.

Power-discharging rack equipment working principle and composition

The power-discharging machine puts 2 lines (or multiple lines) and puts the wire through the balance bar machine. By judging the position of the balance bar, the pay-off machine is forward or reversed or stops at zero, and the line after the balance bar is finally into the stranding machine, the two strands (or multiple strands) are twisted together to finally realize the production. For example, we usually use the power-discharging rack to achieve production.

Power-discharging rack equipment functions

The power-discharging rack equipment must realize: The feedback lever can quickly and accurately find the zero point when starting the change; in the running, the power-discharging rack can be stably discharged; in the shutdown, the tension of the wire can be accurately ensured.

The following are the requirements for a power-discharging rack:

  1. When the pendulum rod is in the middle, the motor stops (commonly known as: zero position);
  2. The pendulum rod is below when the motor rotates reversely, and the maximum frequency does not exceed 5Hz;
  3. When the pendulum rod is at the top, the motor rotates forward, the maximum frequency is 30Hz, and the reaction time is faster;
  4. When the swing rod is up or down, it cannot touch the limit point;
  5. When the automatic zeroing point is reached, the swing amplitude cannot be too large, and the zero point can be quickly and accurately found;
  6. When the machine stops, the line will not be loose, or it will still be tight.

Application of AC300 on power-discharging rack

To achieve the above function of the power-discharging rack, the site uses AC300 frequency inverter PID function to achieve it, first find the feedback lever zero (physical position in the middle, this time the PID input can be set to 50%), the feedback lever access PID feedback, the positive or negative is achieved by offsetting the zero point of the feedback lever up or down, and other functions can be realized by adjusting the PID related parameters (PID gain, PID feedback, etc.).

Frequency inverter wiring diagram is as follow:

AC300 frequency inverter parameter settings are as follows:

Function code Description Setting value Function code Description Setting value
F00.00 Motor control mode 0 F11.01 Digital PID given/feedback 50%
F00.02 command channel 1 F11.03 PID controller feedback source 2
F00.03 Frequency given channel A 8 F11.07 PID control selection 0100
F00.09 Maximum frequency 30 F11.11 Proportional gain P1 5
F00.11 Upper limited frequency 30 F11.12 Integral gain I1 1.5
F11.00 PID controller given source 0 F11.23 PID output lower limit 10%


The use of drive pedestal is the PID control function of the frequency inverter. In the previous power-discharging rack, the AC80 drive was used to realize the power-discharging request. After the AC300 general-purpose frequency inverter was used, the power-discharging control was placed on the rack. The performance becomes perfect. The PID control algorithm is optimized on the AC300 general-purpose frequency inverter, which makes the PID control performance better, the accuracy is high, and the dynamic response is fast, so that excellent process control can be achieved and the reliability of the process control can be guaranteed.

Strategic Milestone: China Construction Industry Association Build the Tie with VEICHI

28th June 2018, the secretary general of China Construction Industry Association Wangnan and other members visited VEICHI. The director of Electric lifting industry department Jianghong Zhang, line manager Liang Shi, director of Technical quality center Hongwei Peng introduced the recent development and prospects, and the culture of VEICHI. Showing them around the workshop, made them get close to VEICHI, witness the power of Intellectual creation in VECIHI.

The members were visiting VEICHI factory

Under the trend of Industry 4.0 and the 'Made in China 2025' action plan, VEIHI is committed to 'Drive forever'. In recent years, it has been deepening the field of construction machinery, devoted itself to research and development of special equipment for lifting industry with independent intellectual property rights, and has come up with a road to independent innovation.

Association and industry leaders

During the visit, our staff introduced our main products, covering variable frequency drives, servo system, solar PV inverter, PLC, HMI, automation equipments and so on. VEICHI is committed to the world-leading supplier of industrial automation products and system solutions.

Introduce products to customers

In the manufacturing workshop, members of the association have the most intuitive understanding of a product from scratch. The birth of a new product requires a series of processes such as procurement, incoming inspection, board making, three-proof processing, assembly, and several other inspections. VEICHI has introduced advanced automation equipment from around the world, established a standardized production management system, and continuously enriched the modern manufacturing process to ensure the production of high quality products.

The visitors were learning more detail about VEICHI's products

Automated production line in VEICHI

China Construction Industry Association provides enterprises with a platform for industry development communication and technology exchanges. VEICHI owns advanced technology and excellent services. It is the common expectation of both parties to jointly advance the development of the industry. In the coming years, VEICHI will continue to seek new changes, and build a new chapter in the lifting field with technological progress and continuous improvement of services.

VEICHI on Intersolar Europe 2018 Exhibition in Munich, Germany

Intersolar Europe 2018 has successfully held on June 20-22, 2018 in Munich Germany. It was with the participation of more than 1077+ exhibitors from 160 countries. VEICHI ELECTRIC brought and shown its brand-new SI30 and SI23 at Hall B3 660 of this exhibition and attracted the attention of the world's visitors.

Intersolar Europe is the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners and takes place annually at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany. The event's exhi­bition and conference both focus on the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar plants, as well as grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy. Since being founded 27 years ago, Intersolar has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry.

VEICHI attached great importance to this exhibition and exhibited its latest research achievements and integrated solutions in the photovoltaic industry. The brand-new SI30 solar pump inverter and SI23 solar pump inverter were highly recognized for well-developed technology,  excellent performance and regarded in the world.

During the exhibition period, numerous visitors came to VEICHI booth and a lot of them expressed great interest in VEICHI products and hoped to cooperate with VEICHI in the future. Many visitors brought the technical problems encountered in processing the scene. Our Deputy General Manager Mr Song and Product Manager Jack provided technical guidance and process optimization, a number of customers showed great interest in the products and willing to reached purchases intention.

VEICHI has engaged in photovoltaic industry for more than one decade and always been keeping pace with the world leading technology so that meet the market demands.

In the future, VEICHI will continue in-depth independent research and development, and constantly improve the technical level and high-end equipment manufacturing capacity, pursue implementing the 'Innovated in China 2025' spirit, thereby achieve the conversion of 'made in China' to 'created in China'-China speed to China quality, China products to China brands.

VEICHI on Metal TECH 2018 Malaysia Exhibition

METALTECH, The International Machine Tools, and Metalworking Technology Exhibition have been held for 18 years since 1995. It is the largest and the most influential exhibition of Machine tools and Metalworking in South East Asian.

The Exhibition is devoted to establishing a platform for machine industry manufacturers and dealers to gather and stay together to discuss business and advance the machine and metal industry developments.

With a superb level of technology, high-performance, Veichi Electric showed the visitors all kinds of frequency inverters, which become the major highlight in the same industry.

Well-known as stable performance, high quality and perfect technical support, attracting many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. 

Many visitors brought the technical problems encountered in processing the scene. Our sales director Steve Li and engineer Kevin Li, provided technical guidance and process optimization, a number of customers showed great interest on the site and willing to reached purchases intention. 

Veichi products are selling well in both China and oversea countries. Now our overseas business is booming rapdily! Veichi has developed a wide range of electrical products, covering variable frequency drives, servo system, solar PV inverter, PLC, HMI, automation equipments and so on. 

We will also continue to enhance the industrial control system, to accelerate VEICHI branding process, rational face to market demand, making more quality service to customers and friends.

Major Breakthrough on VEICHI Electric Synchronous Motor Open-loop Control

Various eco-friendly and energy-saving policies and measures have become a prevalent civilization development trend. With regard to the social benefits of high-efficiency motor energy conservation, our country has proposed to impose high-efficiency motors on the policy view. And with the energy conservation and environmental protection initiatives and the enhancement of industrial level, high-efficiency synchronous motors are rapidly emerging that is ongoing replacement of existing low-efficiency motors and has become a major source of power for drive equipment gradually. High-efficiency synchronous motors are in the ascendant in many industries such as air compressors, oil field pumping units, textile equipment, mining equipment, etc.

VEICHI Electric takes the development demands of the industrial control field into consideration and continues to introduce new products. The newly launched AC300 frequency inverter integrates the open-loop and closed-loop control of the synchronous motor as it was upgraded from the performance of the VF control, open/closed-loop vector control of the asynchronous motor. It makes the AC300 series frequency inverter a special product that combines the multiple controls firstly among mainstream domestic brands.

Synchronous motor direct drive technology in the coal field (encoder installation is difficult and not easily maintained in mine environment.)

In the closed-loop control of the synchronous motor, the performance of the starting torque in closed-loop control wouldn’t be great if the conventional photoelectric encoder has a less number of points. The use of high-precision encoders is extremely costly and the decoding chip of accompanying drive device is also very expensive. Many factors have caused the closed-loop control of synchronous motors to be limited. Through continuous technological breakthroughs, finally VEICHI solved this problem successfully by applying the high-frequency signal injection method.

Comparison of high frequency voltage injection before and after when the motor is overloaded

Under heavy load conditions, the speed of the device is very low and the conventional synchronous drive cannot start in open-loop control. VEICHI AC300 frequency inverter injects high-frequency voltage during open-loop operation to realize the effect of closed-loop control. VEICHI Electric overcame this difficulty and achieved synchronous motor open-loop control of 200% torque output at 0Hz. VEICHI Electric is also the first company in the domestic inverter industry to generalize this technology and has reached the international advanced level.

Saving energy for the society, saving costs for customers and facilitating using are the driving force behind VEICHI's breakthrough in electrical technology. We will continue to forge ahead and provide customers with better products.

[Note: SPM: surface-mount permanent magnet synchronous motor and relatively simple structure; IPM: built-in permanent magnet synchronization and the structures are relatively complex but better performance and functionality. SPM adopts high-frequency injection to achieve closed-loop control that is indeed more difficult (because the salient pole rate is <10%), IPM with high-frequency injection method goes very well.]

VEICHI AP100 Series Dedicated & Integrated Air Compressors

High integration

  1. Three-in-one (host inverter, fan inverter, motor cooling fan / oil pump) design.
  2. Integrated air compressor control technology, convenient wiring, and improved product reliability.
  3. AP100-K adopts TI's high-performance DSP chip, and its execution speed is up to 200M. The reliability is higher and the carrier frequency is higher, so the temperature rise of the motor is lower and the noise is smaller.

Unique energy-saving vector control algorithm

The first indicator of the air compressor industry is the energy-efficiency class. The AP100-K can adaptively adjust the current loss of the motor stator windings; when the air pressure requirement is met, it could decrease the motor’s losses itself for the purpose of ensuring the minimum of motor operating current and maximum of the output thereby achieving optimal energy savings.

Humanized air duct design

The lowest end of the air duct adopts a removable design to enhance the heat dissipation and facilitate disassembly, cleaning and maintenance that could apply to different air compressor terminal applications and various harsh environments.

Smart cloud control

  1. Real-time remote monitoring of air compressor field applications.
  2. Intelligent fault detection, reporting fault SMS notification function.
  3. Supporting remote switching machine, reserving lock machine, air compressor equipment failure, maintenance information inquiry and SMS notification.

Dual predictive motor demagnetization mechanism

AP100-K can directly monitor and control the magnetic field of the motor during operation. According to the needs of the air compressor industry, it can intelligently recognize and pre-judge motor operating temperature, realize timely pre-judgment warning in the case of a possible loss of magnetization of the motor and reduce the probability of motor magnetization loss. Moreover, motor temperature PT100/KTY84 detection function can prevent irreversible motor demagnetization due to overheating.

Air compressor special vague PI algorithm

For the current requirement that high-speed synchronous motor output usually exceeds 300Hz, AP100-K has a vector control algorithm up to 600Hz by using industry-leading vague PI control algorithm that could make sure fast regulation, no overshoot and fast response.

AC300-C Machine Tool Spindle Frequency Inverter

Product profile

AC300-C is a high-performance machine tool spindle frequency inverter newly developed by our company that adopts a brand-new motor control algorithm, book-type structure and independent cooling air duct. It combines the characteristics of the machine tool industry and strengthens the reliability and stability of the product aiming to meet the processing needs of different parts.

Product features

  • High-performance vector platform with high-speed output characteristics compatible with milling, engraving machines, etc.
  • Owns open-loop and closed-loop controls and synchronous and asynchronous drives;
  • Precise torque excitation decoupling and excellent dynamic response performance;
  • Full range of book design and the biggest savings in installation space;
  • New air duct design and the full range of DC fan heat dissipation, high protection level and high safety and reliability;
  • Special macro parameters for machine tool spindles so as to simplify parameter settings;
  • Random carrier capability that effectively reduces motor noise.

Performance features

Excellent control performance

Control  mode Speed control range Starting torque Applicable  motor
High-performance VC without PG 1:100 150% Permanent magnet synchronous motor
High-performance VC without PG 1:100 150% Asynchronous motor
High-performance VC with PG 1:1000 200% Asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motor

Closed-loop torque response is below 10ms, steady speed accuracy is 0.02% and speed ripple is 0.2%;
Open loop torque response is below 20ms, steady speed accuracy is 0.2% for synchronous motor and 0.5% for the asynchronous motor;
Broadband speed regulation features, the maximum output frequency is 1200Hz and the lowest carrier frequency is 1 KHz.
High starting torque characteristics - adapt to the low frequency cutting of the machine tool
High low-frequency torque: In the open-loop vector mode, 150% of the rated torque could be output at 0.5Hz. While in a closed-loop vector mode, 200% of the rated torque could be output at 0Hz.

Stable high-speed field-weakening control - can adapt to machine overclocking operation and wide-range speed control
The brand-new flux-weakening control algorithm combined with the high-bandwidth current vector algorithm enables stable high-speed field-weakening operation and supports up to 12 times of field-weakening high-precision output.

Figure1. 12 times weak magnetic current waveform

Software suppression function - enables quick start and stop of the machine tool
1. Over-current suppression
The over-current suppression function can avoid frequent over-current alarms of the frequency inverter. When the current exceeds the current protection point, the over-current suppression function can limit the current continuously within the current protection point, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and avoiding the over-current alarm caused by sudden load or interference in order to reduce the loss caused by the unprovoked shutdown.

2. Over-voltage suppression
The over-voltage suppression function can avoid frequent over-voltage alarm of the frequency inverter. When its bus voltage reaches or exceeds the overvoltage protection point during acceleration and deceleration, the over-voltage suppression function can suppress the rise of the bus voltage by automatically adjusting the operating frequency, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and preventing the frequency inverter from the over-voltage alarm due to the increment of bus voltage.

Random carrier capability - can suppress spindle motor noise and temperature rise
Compared to the sharp motor noise of the fixed carrier, the output voltage harmonic spectrum of the random carrier is evenly distributed over a wide frequency range and the noise emitted by the motor is softer.

Figure2. Spectral analysis without random carrier

Structural hardware features 

Simple internal layout and convenient wiring operation
The whole system adopts a narrow body design and is strictly controlled in the structure size. The main body model includes most of the conventional applications, various expansion interfaces and terminals that are arranged in an orderly manner making the wiring operation convenient.

New book-style structure
The entire series of AC300-C series frequency inverters adopts a narrow-body book design, which is 60% smaller than the original one and it’s a completely “book machine”.

New structural design - can be used in various harsh environments of machine tools
The electronic device is separated from the air duct of the radiator, in which the capacitor, MOS tube, and relay reinforce are highly protected. The two sides of the frequency inverter adopt a closed design to improve the environmental resistance.

Braking unit configuration
0.75~22KW Built-in Braking Unit
30~75KW optional internal brake unit

Application in the worksite

VEICHI SD700 Servo Drive Will Be Released Soon

In recent years, the general servo industry is of great development that there is a huge potential market both at home and abroad. However, when it refers to the servo products such as servo driver and servo motor produced by China manufacturers, most of the people will be occurred by a bad impression such as: unstable performance, poor accuracy, slow response, and difficulty in setting parameters… Due to these reasons, the user experience of servo products what are made in China is dissatisfactory.

In case like this, VEICHI develops the new SD700 servo system with brand-new software, hardware, control algorithm, design and platform, which will change people's impression and experience upon the general servo system made in China. 

Key Features of VEICHI SD700 Servo Products

1. Install and Play, Without Debugging

Modern robust control is a controller design method that focuses on the reliability of control algorithms. The goad of the design is to find the minimum requirements that must be met in order to ensure the safety requirements of the control system in the actual environment. Once the controller is designed, its parameters can not be changed and the control can be guaranteed. At present, VEICHI is the first one who owns this core technology in China.

VEICHI SD700 has been activated 'robust control' mode as factory default that it can achieve smooth and stable running without parameter setting as long as the load inertia is less than 30 times(even if the load changes during the movement process).


2. Intelligent Setting

VEICHI SD700 has been developed with self-learning function and intelligent settings that it can complete inertia identification, PID gain, feedforward gain, friction compensation, vibration suppression, complex loop parameters adjustment and other settings without manual operation. What's more, the position setting time can be up to 10ms when you adopt this mode for parameter adjustment.

We have realized the simplification and intelligence of the debugging process for servo products. It can easily meet the performance requirements of 80% users.

3. Maximally Match 24bit Absolute Value Encoder

VEICHI SD700 servo system features high positioning accuracy and high stability at low speed what reaches the top level in the industry.

4. Fast Computing Speed and High-Speed Bandwidth

Its current loop operation cycle is 400ns, speed loop response frequency is up to 3KHz, besides, the speed loop and position loop refresh cycle is 125μs.

5. Rich Vibration Suppression Function

SD700 servo system can effectively suppress 1 ~ 100Hz low-frequency vibration (shaking). The cantilever structure is very easy to cause 'swing arm effect', resulting in the end of jitter, this can be effectively avoided by manual / automatic set to vibration filter. Its vibration suppression function including low frequency resonance suppression, intermediate frequency vibration suppression and notch filter can be automatically and fully set.

6. Optimized Appearance Design

Except the rich functions, SD700 also has developed with brand-new design: width reduced by 20% comparing the previous machines.

7. Other Functions

a. Power section: 50W – 11KW
b. Offline inertia identification function
c. Speed loop observer
d. Standard dynamic braking function
e. Powerful host computer function
f. Rich motor type, including low inertia high speed series, high inertia high speed series, high inertia low speed series.
g. The maximum speed of the motor is up to 6000RPM; the maximum output of driver and motor is up to 350%.

Early Target Market of SD700 Products

1. Glass Engraving Machine

Glass carving machine is a kind of CNC machine tools mainly used for processing touch screen glass of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet PC and etc. The glass engraving machine requires good track follow ability, VEICHI SD700 can fully meet the high requires in position following.

2. Die Cutting Machine

Die cutting machine is mainly used for die-cutting, indentation, bronzing of some materials such as non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided adhesive, electronics, mobile phone pads and etc. It is important equipment for packaging processing. The major requirements of die-cutting machine are fast response and big-inertia motor.

3. Slant bed Lathe

Slant bed CNC lathe is a high precision, high efficiency automatic lathe. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing performance, capable of processing linear cylindrical, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts. It majorly requires smooth speed during the turning process, which ensures the gloss.

4. AOI Testing Equipment

The AOI detection equipments automatically scan PCBA products and capture images through the high-definition camera, then compare the test point and the qualified parameters in database. After image processing, check the target product defects, and mark out the defects through the display or automatic signs, so the maintenance personnel and SMT engineers can improve the process accordingly. The major requirements are point-to-point fast positioning, fast response requirements to servo.

As reported, the VEICHI A-type SD700 servo drive will be announced to market in June, 2017. Let's look forward to it!

Born for Enhancing the Positioning Efficiency of Machine Tool Spindle - AC200-CS

I. Overview

Since the announcement of VEICHI AC200 general-purpose frequency inverter, it has greatly improved the drive system efficiency for our customers with its excellent performance and excellent reliability. On the basis of high-performance closed-loop vector control of AC200, VEICHI AC200-CS integrates high-precision positioning technology, integrating speed control, position control and torque control into one as an organic whole, and it achieves closed-loop servo control of spindle motor. As the main drive system of the machine tool, AC200-CS spindle servo drive can achieve high-precision milling, turning, grinding and other processing, providing customers with a great variety of efficient machine tool processing solutions.

¢̣. System Program

In this article, we mainly introduce the application of the AC200-CS spindle servo drive on the lathe spindle. As the spindle driving unit, AC200-CS cooperates with the CNC system's command, implementing spindle speed adjustment and positioning, and completing the operation of rigid tapping.

2.1 System architecture diagram

2.2 Processing flow and operation steps

(1) Before running, manually rotate the spindle, adjust the spindle position to the set position, query the drive parameter C-40 (spindle current angle), and enter the parameter value to parameter F9-37 manually.

(2) Start the machine tool, install the fixture and lock the chuck. Input M03 or M04 (spindle positive/negative run command), adjust the speed through the analog signal, then the spindle goes into high-speed rotation and turning goes to the station for turning.

(3) When the turning process is completed, the CNC system gives the M19 (spindle positioning) command, the spindle will rotate to the set angle.

(4) When the workpiece turns to the set angle, the CNC machine will give M29 (rigid tapping) command; spindle will follow the pulse number given by the machine tool, until the workpiece is completed.

(5) After the processing is completed, chuck releases and machine tool shuts down.

¢ó. AC200-CS Features

(1) Performance

A. low frequency rigidity:

It can output 180% of the rated torque at 0.5Hz, ensuring high stability and reliability of machine tool workpiece at low speed. In the zero servo state and the condition of the rated load, the fastest response can be completed within 50ms, and ensure that the spindle is always in the stopped state.


B. speed, position response upgrade:

AC200-CS spindle servo drive combines voltage& current suppression and dynamic braking, which makes the machine tool drive unit (spindle) can achieve acceleration and deceleration quickly and steadily, improving production efficiency. In the position mode, the loop adjustment cycle is greatly improved to ensure that the spindle can quickly make a position response and quickly complete the positioning control.

At the same conditions, the motor deceleration time is reduced to the original 1/2 or more, the spindle quickly and accurately slow down, safe and reliable.

C. Large torque at low frequency, strong weak magnetic field ability

It can meet the spindle's precision machining above 5000rpm, but also can meet the rigid tapping below 40rpm.

(2) Strong applicability

It is applicable to all kinds of CNC machine tools, capable of driving CNC milling machine, CNC lathes, CNC boring machine, CNC grinding machine, spindle and others.

It can adapt AC servo spindle motor, variable frequency motor, three-phase asynchronous motor.

(3) Characteristic application

8-segment spindle quasi-stop indexing control: the accurate stop accuracy of reaming workpiece processing can be accurate to 0.1° or less at the positioning condition of continuous multi-axis, 360 ° arbitrary angular position, continuous 8-position positioning.

Rigid tapping: support pulse + direction, AB orthogonal pulse input command, the maximum speed of rigid tapping can reach 5000 rpm, tapping error within ± 1 pulse.

4-segment internal multi-segment position: the internal position command parameter of each section is set independently, single or multi-segment position can be cyclically positioned to facilitate the user to plan the trajectory of the spindle.

Origin return: ensure automatical return to the set origin after workpiece is completed each time. The zero switch can be installed on the spindle side, through this function, also can achieve an external zero pulse stop.

Electronic gear ratio: to achieve synchronous belt drive ratio (non-1: 1) CNC machine tool processing applications.

The accuracy of reaming workpieces processing accurate stop can be accurate to 0.1 ° or less. 

New Height of Made in China - Technical Exchange of VEICHI & Strategic Partner

With the deepening of VEICHI-Shakti strategic partnership, we have specially invited the technical team of our strategic partner to participate in the technical exchange which lasted several weeks.

This technical exchange was carried out in the form of integrating theory and practice that deeply discussed various technical issues such as MPPT algorithm, voltage boosting theory, water pump protection design, drive technology and more from four aspects: software, hardware, structure and test. Among these topics, the efficient MPPT algorithm and Boost module design is the priority of this technical exchange. Meanwhile, the Shakti technical team also visited the fully automated production lines of Suzhou Veichi production base during the technical exchange. Shakti technical team witnessed the product manufacturing, manufacturing technique, assembly, quality control, packaging, logistics and other aspects of VEICHI Electric through the field study and product assembly practice that they personally verified the high quality of VEICHI products.

As the strategic partner of our company and the important market layout of our global sales network, India Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd., the biggest provider of solar pump system in South Asia, has already cooperated with VEICHI Electric for several years. After continuous identification and communication, Shakti Pumps has eventually selected VEICHI as the partner from countless well-known brands at home and abroad. This technical exchange activity has taken the strategic cooperative partnership between two sides to a new height.

Veichi Electric, which owns four product lines including variable frequency drive product line, servo product line, lifting & automotive electrics product line and synchronous drive product line, has already started the double-base (Shenzhen and Suzhou) operating mode. In the electrical world, VEICHI is always focusing on product research and development with little self-advertisement that VEICHI is at the forefront of the industry in aspects like customer satisfaction and customer needs. Paying attention to the end customers' experience and striving to dock R&D system with market demand, are the all-time adherences of Veichi Electric; providing quality training to customers and helping customers deeply understand the technology of our products, are the fine traditions of Veichi Electric in the past 11 years and the future.

In addition to the Indian customers, VEICHI has already provided more than 50 visits and technical training for about 20 customer groups coming from 15 countries. We are convinced that the best embodiment of a company's practical strength and social responsibility are adhering to the technical output, providing quality service and manufacturing good products; moreover, it is the best embodiment of quality of 'Made in China', representing the 'New Height; New Requirements' of Veichi Electric. As the leading system solutions provider of industrial automation area, VEICHI is constantly redefining 'Made in China'.

Veichi Electric Obtains Three New National Invention Patents

Good news! Veichi Electric obtains another three new national invention patents: 'A Multi-level High-voltage Flyback Switching Power Supply', 'Structure of Connecting PCB Board and Inverter Rectifier Module & Its Installation and Disassembling Method' and 'Simple Pulse Switching Power Supply PWM Generation Circuit and Methods', which are issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R. China. The three invention patents embody the R&D achievements of VEICHI in different areas such as switching power supply, power electronics and structural design.

The invention of 'A Multi-level High-voltage Flyback Switching Power Supply' improves the structure of switch power supply – converting the input power into multi-level voltage, which not only increases the input voltage, but also solves the problem of high voltage cannot be inputted. The small power current series connection not only solves the severe heating problem and problem of cannot withstand high voltage caused by MOS tube direct series; meanwhile, it solves the problem that MOS tube cannot allow passage of large current. It broadens the application range of switching power supply.

The second invention patent, 'Structure of Connecting PCB Board and Inverter Rectifier Module & Its Installation and Disassembling Method', effectively solves the problems of existing method like inconvenient disassembly, low assembly efficiency, easy deformation of PCB board, height difference problem, and security risks caused by components falling into the cabinet during disassembling procedure. The new design of VEICHI features easy assembly and disassembly, easy operation, high efficiency, and it meets the needs of high current requirements and use requirements in a variety of height difference.

The third nation invention patent, 'Simple Pulse Switching Power Supply PWM Generation Circuit and Methods', features simple circuit and high cost-effectiveness. Its circuit is of full hardware implementation that the entire process does not require intervention of CPU and other control circuits. Featuring high reliability, it effectively solves the defects of traditional technology such as large chip, multiple pins and etc. Besides, the peripheral equipments of the circuit only include resonant module and dead zone time setting module, which minimizes the volume of the pulse switching power supply.

As the competition of industry increases day by day, the technological innovation and R&D strength are the kernel points to maintain rapid development and sustainable leadership in the future. The acquisition of the three national invention patents should be attributed to the continuous R&D investment, complete personnel training, clear product line strategy, dynamic and innovative platform and more. The invention patents bring us a great motivator to improve our product stability and improve the core competiveness of VEICHI.

VEICHI Won the Most Competitive Brand of China Motion Control Field

On February 24th, the 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control Enterprise Summit, hosted by China Website www.chuandong.com and Magazine 'Servo & Motion Control', was grandly held in Kylin Villa. The forum unfolded the awards ceremony of 2016 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control Industry, after 3 months of return visits and investigations upon the related industries, equipment manufacturing enterprises and end users by the organizing committee experts, the industry organizations and various professional medias selected VEICHI as the most competitive brand among a large quantity of brands.

The selection of this award takes enterprise's independent innovation development concepts, product ease of use, user experience, reputation in industry and market performance as the standard. Along with the announcement of VEICHI servo motion control products, VEICHI has solved many actual problems for customers in the industry, so it gradually won the trust and recognition of users.

As VEICHI V5-MC104 motion controller has a multi-axis, closed-loop yet high-speed pulse acquisition interface, so it can achieve relative or absolute high-precision position control. Its programming environment supports a wide range of programming languages, and it integrates a large number of industry function modules for users to call at any time. Additionally, the motion controller also supports a great variety of communication modes which can provide users with high-speed, high-precision yet high-efficiency solutions.

Flying Start of VEICHI Automotive Electronics Product Sales

The Spring Festival atmosphere has not faded, on the first working day of New Year, VEICHI Automotive Electronics Product Line ushered the first batch of orders – 500 sets of EV100B-3D-025-0A air cooling motor controller. It is definitely the best New Year present to Veichi Electric!

Comparing with similar products of the same power level, EV100B series motor controller has the minimum volume, only 245 × 265 × 148mm with compact structure, high power density, which is easy to deal with the compact installation in logistics vehicles; besides, its IP67 protection level can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions. Its hardware adopts car-level design ideas; all the input and output signals are fully isolated with strengthened anti-interference capability. For some key rotating transformers, CAN communication, temperature detection circuit and more, it has been done with targeted anti-interference processing. With adjustable speed design and variable-carrier control method, its fan features reduced noise and perfect temperature rise control, greatly extended the life span of fan and reduced the failure rate.

The software uses the industry-leading synchronous motor core control technology, optimized the MPTA and field weakening control strategy. According to the high salient pole characteristic of automotive synchronous motors and the working conditions of the logistics vehicles, VEICHI EV100B is developed with optimized magnetic circuit design and electromechanical efficiency zone, greatly improved the mileage. In order to solve the not-linear torque problem caused by reluctance torque, it has been specially designed with constant torque control and online motor parameter compensation, ensuring that the motor works within the controllable range. The improved vibration model is introduced to detect the mechanical vibration during the operation of the vehicle, and the algorithm of the notch filter can effectively suppress the mechanical vibration, greatly improved the comfort of vehicles.

VEICHI EV100 series motor controller features fully-optimized anti-interference capability, industry-leading and professional core control technology of synchronous & asynchronous motors, small and highly-protected shell design. Owning to these features and our professional yet fast customer service, we finally won the high customer recognition upon us, which lays a solid foundation for VEICHI's development in automotive electronics field.

Grand 2017 Annual Dinner of Shenzhen Veichi Electric

Shenzhen Veichi Electric started off the new year 2017 by holding a grand Annual Dinner on 12th January, 2017, attended by more than 250 staffs.

At the beginning of the dinner, the managing director of VEICHI- Mr. Hu delivered a speech in which he thanked all the employees of VEICHI for their great work throughout the year, summed up the great growth and accomplishments that VEICHI has achieved in 2016 such as the presence of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park and 4 production lines' release, shared our future development plans in 2017 and toasted the possibility of a better future.

The evening was packed with highlights including delicious dinner, colorful singing and dancing performances, exciting lucky draw, red wine toast, etc.

A video full of blessing and hope of our overseas customers around the world was also played during the Annual Dinner. Our abroad partners took this opportunity to convey their rich greetings to VEICHI and wish a prosperous future with VEICHI in 2017.

Over the past year, VEICHI has gone through a great deal of restructuring such as management structure and workflow. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who concern and support VEICHI all the time and may 2011 bring more prosperity to all of you! It is obvious that VEICHI is already embarking upon its next glorious chapter. VEICHI will continue to embrace innovation and excellence to strengthen our brand and work towards becoming an industry leader.

VEICHI Sets Sail Again for a New Journey to Create Another New Splendid Point

December 9th, 2016, we finally ushered in the Suzhou Veichi Electric Opening Ceremony and Business Partner Conference in the warm sunshine of Suzhou. More than 300 domestic and foreign partners gathered in Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park to witness this historic moment.

Shenzhen and Suzhou Dual Base for Collaborative Operation

Looking back, Veichi Electric has passed for 10 years and has achieved great achievements. 2016 is a new starting point for the past and future. On this day, Suzhou Veichi Electric, covering a total construction area of about 70,000 square meters, officially puts into production, which turns a new page of Veichi that Shenzhen base and Suzhou base start cooperative operation. It stands out as one of the notable landmarks in the developing history of Veichi Electric.

In order to respond to market changes and customer needs more precisely and rapidly, Veichi Electric moved to Suzhou which is a place of great interest and developed economy. After more than a year of continuous construction, we finally witnessed the presence of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park which covers an area of 6.92 acres with total construction area of about 70, 000 square meters. Our Suzhou Industrial Park is nearly 7 times of Veichi Shenzhen base, which will be able to achieve an annual output capability of 1 million sets of multiple types of automation equipments and 1 billion scale of sales volume. There is no doubt that Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park will become an important growth pole in the rapid development of Veichi Electric.

During all the procedures such as negotiation, signing contract, approval and construction of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park project, we have received supports of government at all levels. On this day, the deputy head of Wuzhong District government, the deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, the deputy director of Management Committee and other leaders of relevant government departments came to congratulate the grand opening of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park.

During the Opening Ceremony and evening dinner, Veichi has specially prepared some performances which are of traditional Chinese elements such as lion dance, Chinese national dance, songs and etc. In the elegant hall which was full of enthusiastic music, gorgeous lighting and artistic design, both of the domestic and abroad customers were deeply attracted by such a fabulous visual feast.

Veichi Released New Products Which Are Made with Wisdom

Standing at a new historical starting point and facing new opportunities for further development, Veichi's 4 production lines released brand-new products as gift for this big event:

1. Frequency Inverter Product Line

Frequency Inverter product line announced AC200 which features brand-new motor control algorithm, integrated drive for synchronous and asynchronous motor, industry-leading open-loop and closed-loop vector control technology, precise torque excitation decoupling, outstanding dynamic response performance, motor parameter learning function under static mode, advanced hardware as well as powerful software.

Up till this moment, Veichi Electric has sold 1.3 million sets of frequency inverters that it has saved 22.3 billion kilowatt hour power and reduced 800 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for China.

2. Servo and Motion Control Product Line

This product line announced V5 series motion controller which is highly-reliable, simple to use with powerful functions; it is an excellent partner for high-end equipment manufacturing. In 2017, V7 high-performance motion controller will be announced; in 2018, industry-specific controller, V9 complex multi-axis motion controller and multi-joint robot dedicated controller will be launched to the market.

3. Synchronous Motor Drive Product Line

This product line announced SD680 (11KW – 132KW) high-power servo drive. It is estimated that the high-power servo drive will be reduced by 12% in equipment weight, improved by 300% in machining accuracy, and increased by 15% in production efficiency. They are mainly used in cutting bending, heavy machine tools, paper printing, all-electric injection molding machines, textile machinery and other industries.

4. Hoisting and Automotive Electronics Product Line

This product line launched 2 new products: tower crane integrated drive, and EV100 series synchronous motor control drive. The tower crane integrated drive is specially designed for tower crane tailored complete system solution which is of high intelligence, modular design, high compatibility, rich expansion interface, high security, high efficiency and other advantages.

In the field of new energy automotive electronics, Veichi Electric set the R and D trinity layout (pure electric, hybrid and auxiliary power) in line with its key development route on the basis of its core control technologies, key components, system integration, so as to provide customers with the latest new energy vehicles control system solutions. This is the reason why Veichi EV100 series synchronous motor control drive came into this world.

Veichi Sets Sail Again to Create Another New Splendid Point

Under the aura of its products, Veichi Electric always maintains its excellent qualities: attaching great importance to research and development; creating specialized products and services; dynamic team. Coinciding with the intelligent manufacturing, industry transformation and upgrading and B and R; market opportunities, Veichi sets sail again to the next 10 years, 50 years, 100 years in the spirit of 'revitalization of national brands, unlimited technological innovation', in order to create another new splendid point together with both domestic and abroad partners.

VEICHI & Shakti Hand in Hand to Develop the Indian Market

On December 9th, 2016, the biggest solar water pump supplier in India – Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd. came to participate in the Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park Opening Ceremony and Business Partner Conference.

On the ceremony, Dinesh, the boss of the Shakti Pumps, Pareek, the purchasing director of the Shakti Pumps, and Mr. Song intimately exchanged their viewpoints upon the Indian solar energy market conditions and prospects in warm atmosphere. As for the Indian market, Veichi Electric is always adhering to the 3-years development strategy, and Veichi is confident that it can get a good share in Indian solar energy product market because of its high quality products and complete market arrangements. Currently, Shakti Pumps and Veichi Electric have already reached a consensus on the Indian market development plan, and they will become into strategic partners.

On the Business Partner Conference, Shakti Pumps has received the Best 10-Years Strategic Partner Award. As the biggest partner of Veichi in India and the most influential enterprise in Indian solar energy product market, Shakti Pumps fully deserves this award.

Currently, Shakti Pumps has become into India’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient solar water pump that it is the cooperative partner of India government in solar energy area, and Veichi has already been noted as the No.3 supplier of electric drives, industrial control and green energy products, so both of us believe that the mutual cooperation between two strong enterprises will generate win-win situations.

Lam & Mr. Hu Gathered Together to Celebrate the Vigorous Development in Vietnam Market

Lam, the director of LAM GIA HUY TRADING SERVICE COMPANY which is the officially-authorized distributor of Veichi Electric, visited us on October 19th, 2016. The managing director of Veichi - Mr. Hu, director – Mr. Song, overseas sales director – Jay, and the sales manager of Vietnam – Steve, took part in the warm reception.

Mr. Hu and Lam intimately communicated about the Vietnam market prospect, marketing plans as well as investment, they are unanimous that the Vietnam industrial automation control system market is booming with huge market potential.

'As the gateway to Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the best neighbors of China just as intimate as a family' Mr. Hu said. 'With the rapid development of Industry 4.0, the important factors such as smart factory, IOT, industrial internet, industrial robots and more Industry 4.0 concepts have been quickly penetrated into the industrial automation control area at home and abroad. Veichi will continue to strengthen the product research and development; meanwhile, we will closely associate with Lam to contribute to the continuous development of Vietnam automation industry.'

After the long communication, Lam, Mr. Hu, Mr. Song and etc. enjoyed a delicious dinner together to cheer for the marketing success in Vietnam market. Cheers! After about 2 years of mutual cooperation, it sounds that the relationship between VEICHI and Lam is beyond the partnership, but intimate friendship.

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