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Veichi Electric Obtains Three New National Invention Patents

Good news! Veichi Electric obtains another three new national invention patents: 'A Multi-level High-voltage Flyback Switching Power Supply', 'Structure of Connecting PCB Board and Inverter Rectifier Module & Its Installation and Disassembling Method' and 'Simple Pulse Switching Power Supply PWM Generation Circuit and Methods', which are issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R. China. The three invention patents embody the R&D achievements of VEICHI in different areas such as switching power supply, power electronics and structural design.

The invention of 'A Multi-level High-voltage Flyback Switching Power Supply' improves the structure of switch power supply – converting the input power into multi-level voltage, which not only increases the input voltage, but also solves the problem of high voltage cannot be inputted. The small power current series connection not only solves the severe heating problem and problem of cannot withstand high voltage caused by MOS tube direct series; meanwhile, it solves the problem that MOS tube cannot allow passage of large current. It broadens the application range of switching power supply.

The second invention patent, 'Structure of Connecting PCB Board and Inverter Rectifier Module & Its Installation and Disassembling Method', effectively solves the problems of existing method like inconvenient disassembly, low assembly efficiency, easy deformation of PCB board, height difference problem, and security risks caused by components falling into the cabinet during disassembling procedure. The new design of VEICHI features easy assembly and disassembly, easy operation, high efficiency, and it meets the needs of high current requirements and use requirements in a variety of height difference.

The third nation invention patent, 'Simple Pulse Switching Power Supply PWM Generation Circuit and Methods', features simple circuit and high cost-effectiveness. Its circuit is of full hardware implementation that the entire process does not require intervention of CPU and other control circuits. Featuring high reliability, it effectively solves the defects of traditional technology such as large chip, multiple pins and etc. Besides, the peripheral equipments of the circuit only include resonant module and dead zone time setting module, which minimizes the volume of the pulse switching power supply.

As the competition of industry increases day by day, the technological innovation and R&D strength are the kernel points to maintain rapid development and sustainable leadership in the future. The acquisition of the three national invention patents should be attributed to the continuous R&D investment, complete personnel training, clear product line strategy, dynamic and innovative platform and more. The invention patents bring us a great motivator to improve our product stability and improve the core competiveness of VEICHI.

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