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AC300-C Machine Tool Spindle Frequency Inverter

Product profile

AC300-C is a high-performance machine tool spindle frequency inverter newly developed by our company that adopts a brand-new motor control algorithm, book-type structure and independent cooling air duct. It combines the characteristics of the machine tool industry and strengthens the reliability and stability of the product aiming to meet the processing needs of different parts.

Product features

  • High-performance vector platform with high-speed output characteristics compatible with milling, engraving machines, etc.
  • Owns open-loop and closed-loop controls and synchronous and asynchronous drives;
  • Precise torque excitation decoupling and excellent dynamic response performance;
  • Full range of book design and the biggest savings in installation space;
  • New air duct design and the full range of DC fan heat dissipation, high protection level and high safety and reliability;
  • Special macro parameters for machine tool spindles so as to simplify parameter settings;
  • Random carrier capability that effectively reduces motor noise.

Performance features

Excellent control performance

Control  mode Speed control range Starting torque Applicable  motor
High-performance VC without PG 1:100 150% Permanent magnet synchronous motor
High-performance VC without PG 1:100 150% Asynchronous motor
High-performance VC with PG 1:1000 200% Asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motor

Closed-loop torque response is below 10ms, steady speed accuracy is 0.02% and speed ripple is 0.2%;
Open loop torque response is below 20ms, steady speed accuracy is 0.2% for synchronous motor and 0.5% for the asynchronous motor;
Broadband speed regulation features, the maximum output frequency is 1200Hz and the lowest carrier frequency is 1 KHz.
High starting torque characteristics - adapt to the low frequency cutting of the machine tool
High low-frequency torque: In the open-loop vector mode, 150% of the rated torque could be output at 0.5Hz. While in a closed-loop vector mode, 200% of the rated torque could be output at 0Hz.

Stable high-speed field-weakening control - can adapt to machine overclocking operation and wide-range speed control
The brand-new flux-weakening control algorithm combined with the high-bandwidth current vector algorithm enables stable high-speed field-weakening operation and supports up to 12 times of field-weakening high-precision output.

Figure1. 12 times weak magnetic current waveform

Software suppression function - enables quick start and stop of the machine tool
1. Over-current suppression
The over-current suppression function can avoid frequent over-current alarms of the frequency inverter. When the current exceeds the current protection point, the over-current suppression function can limit the current continuously within the current protection point, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and avoiding the over-current alarm caused by sudden load or interference in order to reduce the loss caused by the unprovoked shutdown.

2. Over-voltage suppression
The over-voltage suppression function can avoid frequent over-voltage alarm of the frequency inverter. When its bus voltage reaches or exceeds the overvoltage protection point during acceleration and deceleration, the over-voltage suppression function can suppress the rise of the bus voltage by automatically adjusting the operating frequency, thereby protecting the safety of the equipment and preventing the frequency inverter from the over-voltage alarm due to the increment of bus voltage.

Random carrier capability - can suppress spindle motor noise and temperature rise
Compared to the sharp motor noise of the fixed carrier, the output voltage harmonic spectrum of the random carrier is evenly distributed over a wide frequency range and the noise emitted by the motor is softer.

Figure2. Spectral analysis without random carrier

Structural hardware features 

Simple internal layout and convenient wiring operation
The whole system adopts a narrow body design and is strictly controlled in the structure size. The main body model includes most of the conventional applications, various expansion interfaces and terminals that are arranged in an orderly manner making the wiring operation convenient.

New book-style structure
The entire series of AC300-C series frequency inverters adopts a narrow-body book design, which is 60% smaller than the original one and it’s a completely “book machine”.

New structural design - can be used in various harsh environments of machine tools
The electronic device is separated from the air duct of the radiator, in which the capacitor, MOS tube, and relay reinforce are highly protected. The two sides of the frequency inverter adopt a closed design to improve the environmental resistance.

Braking unit configuration
0.75~22KW Built-in Braking Unit
30~75KW optional internal brake unit

Application in the worksite

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