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Special Frequency Inverters

Variable frequency drives are commonly used in many areas such as mining, oil, pump, fan, construction, paper making, printing and more. However, the application requirements of different industries are of great differences in voltage, frequency, control mode, capacity, speed range and more. Veichi is not only the main supplier of low voltage inverter and medium voltage drives, it also provides custom industry-oriented VFD for different fields in order to meet various application demands and provide customers with more professional industrial control solutions such as for air compressor, injection molding machine, punch machine, construction elevator, crane tower...

SF81 Asynchronous Servo Control VFD for Injection Molding Machine

AP100 of Industry-Leading Fuzzy PI Algorithm with Fast Regulation

AC200-T High Recognition Accuracy & Strong Anti-Disturbance Ability

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AC200-L Super-Low Frequency Torque

AC100-YK AC Servo Control VFD for Electric Screw Press Machine

AC100-K Open Loop Permanent Magnetic Air Compressor Inverter

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AC80C-Y VFD for Asynchronous Punching Machine

AC80C-C Machine Tool Purpose VFD

AC70Q VFD for Ball Milling Machine

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AC70-K Asynchronous Air Compressor Frequency Inverter

AC70G Inverter for Engineering

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